Tips for Selling Diamonds


The best way you can earn some extra money is if you sell an engagement ring. Whether it is because you do not want it anymore, it reminds you of a past relationship or you just need the money, you need to know about your ring. The more information you have about the setting and the diamond itself, the more you are going to get for it and also avoid being taken advantage of.

Know the setting

Find out about the ring you have. If you are not sure of what you have, you should take it to an appraiser or to a jewelry store and have it appraised. This will make sure that when you go to sell the ring, someone will not tell you that you have gold when it is diamond.

History of the ring

It is vital that you know about the rings history. If you happen to have bought the ring on an auction and it belonged to someone famous, this will add value to it. You should bring documentation with you though. No one will believe you that the ring belonged to the queen and king of England unless there is real paperwork. Vintage settings are going to be worth more since their style is trending and very few jewelers are not using those settings. Any type of documentation that you can bring with you is going to be helpful.

Know the diamond


When you are selling diamonds, you need to know

about them. There is a difference between a low clarity white diamond and one that is yellow. Remember the four Cs which are clarity, color, cut and carat weight. You need to find out the grade of your diamond ring on each of these criteria before heading out to any jewelry store.

If you are the one that bought the diamond, you might have the original certificate with you. If you have it, carry it and ensure that the money you will be getting for it is commensurate with the quality and characteristics of the stone. If you do not have the certificate, you need to have the stone appraised.

Know where to take the diamond ring

You can choose to take it to a diamond store, jewelry shop or a pawn shop. Each one is going to give you a different value of your ring and offer you different amount for it. Since you will go with the highest bidder, you need to visit a few more places. Pawnshops are in business to make more money and they will give you as little as they can so that they can profit. People at jewelry stores are going to keep what they wish from the ring and then melt down what they do not want. Diamond stores deal with diamonds and they are likely to offer you more money for the stone. Visit this site to get some details on how much your diamond is worth too.

With the above information in mind, you are sure to sell your diamond ring and also make a lot of money from it.