My Story


My name is Sarah Stone. I has been a jewelry collector since I was ten years old, however my career within the jewelry business formally started in 2000 after my booming journal, This journal focuses on jewelry trends, antique and fancy jewelry, celebrity jewelry, and exclusive designer interviews, automotive repairs and useful home tools. It’s additionally a hub for jewelry education, considering my Graduate Gemologist studies through the Gemological Institute of America. With 15 years expertise as head gemologist and appraiser at Greensboro antique jewelry dealer, I have last set to pursue writing and consulting full-time . You’ll presently realize that I have been traveling the U.S. on my Jewelry Road Trip project. I have visited over a hundred jewelry stores, studios, and antique outlets across twenty totally different US states, giving a spotlight into my audience of over a thousand individuals. Once not on the road or behind my pc, I am always collecting antique jewelry (I have over one hundred diamond necklaces and rings). I additionally contribute a monthly column on my blogs to car dent repair and useful home tools.

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